Breakfast Pastries

Almond Crispini
Ham & Cheese Croissant
Plain Croissant
Cherry Blossom Croissant (Knafeh)
Nutella Chocolate Twist
Pistachio Croissant


Egg Sandwich
egg, cheddar cheese & tomato your choice of bread: plain bagel, english  muffin, croissant or multigrain toast
Omelet Sandwich
whole egg or egg white, cheddar cheese, vegetable mix (onions, mushrooms & bell pepper), fresh tomato & turkey bacon on multi-grain toast
Smoked Salmon Toast
diced red onions, capers & radish garnished with arugula served on a rustic bread
Soujouk Egg Wrap
eggs, spicy soujouk sausage, tomatoes & cheddar cheese, wrapped in pita bread
Breakfast Burrito
cream cheese, red onions, arugula, tomatoes & olive oil served on a toasted rustic bread add smoked salmon +4.99 | add an egg +2.99


Slow roasted marinated chicken with onion, zesty garlic aioli, pickles, wrapped in pita bread, served with hummus & thyme pita chips.
roast turkey, pesto, fontina cheese on a rustic bread; served with pita chips & hummus
Soujouk Toastini
Spicy soujouk sausage, mozzarella cheese, pickles & tomatoes on a rustic bread.